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The Best Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok?

My wife, Helen, keeps telling me that I don’t post enough sweet things on my blog and social media. Since I now live by the motto ‘happy wife, happy life’ I thought I’d better listen.

The reason I don’t write about many desserts is that I don’t have a sweet tooth. Therefore I don’t eat a lot of desserts. One dessert I do treat myself to once in a while, though, is mango sticky rice, or Khao niew mamuang as it’s known in Thailand. You can find mango sticky rice everywhere in Bangkok, in fact, you can find it everywhere in Thailand! So, with it being so widely available, is there really a ‘best’ in Bangkok? Maybe not but I’m going to point you to a shop selling the best I’ve had in all my Thai travels – Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice, Thong Lor.

Mae Varee Mango Sticky Rice in Thong Lor has been churning out Mango sticky rice for two decades now, and the locals can’t get enough of their version of Thailand’s most famous dessert.

One reason I like Mae Varee is that they sell mangoes, not just mango sticky rice. That means you’re more likely to get a lovely, sweet mango than if you went to a stall that gets their mangoes from the market.

With the multi coloured rice comes a whole, huge, perfectly ripe, mango, toasted mung beans and of course, the salty coconut sauce.

Salted coconut sauce and toasted mung beans.

The only negative thing I have to say is that I didn’t massively like the black rice. I’m not a big fan of whole grain rice at the best of times, so I’m not sure I why I was expecting to like this. The green rice, however, was fantastic. You can really taste of the pandan coming through, which adds a nice little twist. The white rice was also excellent. Both were nice and sweet without being overly so. The mango was perfectly ripe (we had the ok krong variety) and the salty coconut sauce gave a nice salted caramel vibe to proceedings. Having the crunch from the mung beans is a must for me when I have mango sticky rice, so Mae Varee gets a thumbs up for that. The portion cost 120 THB (£2.85/$375) but was easily big enough to share between two people.

Just have to put it all together and you’re ready to go!

Mae Varee is located on Sukhumvit 55, Thong Lor and is one of the first few shops as you come around the corner from Thong Lo BTS station.

If you want to have a go at making your own mango sticky rice, you can click here for a great recipe.

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