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Sweet Coconut Pandan Pancakes – Kuih Dadar

I first had kuih dadar, sometimes known as kuih tayap, on a trip to Malaysia a couple of years back. They’re unbelievably popular there, as well as in Singapore and parts of Indonesia, namely Java. Kuih dadar are sweet pancakes, coloured with the juice of pandan leaves and stuffed with shredded coconut, sweetened with palm …

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Mango Sticky Rice – Khao Niew Ma muang – ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง

Mango sticky rice or khao niew mamuang as it’s known in Thailand is without a doubt the number one Thai dessert of all time so what better recipe to post up for my first dessert on the website? If you’ve been to Thailand and you eat street food, chances are you’ve eaten mango sticky rice …