The Roaming Cook is a Bangkok based food blog that I created so that I could share my passion for authentic Thai and Asian food with you. The blog has three parts; cooking, eating and traveling, which is pretty much all my life consists these days!

My Recipes.

I travel to eat, and in turn learn new dishes to cook, giving me more recipes to share with all of you lovely people reading this at home. I try to keep the recipes I write as authentic as possible, but I have also come to accept that not all Thai and Asian ingredients are readily available in the western world, which means I’ve had to tweak some of them for your convenience. After all, the dishes I eat here contain specific ingredients because that’s what they have available fresh. To make a dish the best it can be, sometimes you have to use what’s readily available to you.

I’m not a trained chef, I’m a completely self taught cook. I want to show you that cooking Asian food isn’t difficult in fact if I can do it, you can definitely do it!

Eating Around Bangkok.

When I’m not cooking, I’m roaming the streets (get it?) in search of the best local food in Bangkok. I mainly stick to the ‘Old City’ of Rattanakosin, Chinatown and Western suburb of Thonburi while I’m looking for authentic old-school restaurants and street food stalls. Life has a slower pace on this side of town compared with the glittering malls and upmarket restaurants on the Sukhumvit Road, and in my opinion, hands down has the best selection of food in the city.

So what kind of food can you expect me to cover? Well, if you’re looking for air-conditioned ‘Modern Thai’ food then this probably isn’t going to be for you. There are two things I hate more than anything, and that’s paying over the odds for substandard food because the restaurant serving it is well decorated and the food highly ‘Instagramable,’ and the other is a restaurant trying to pass itself off as authentic while serving watered down foreigner friendly Thai food. So, if you want to come to Bangkok and eat as the locals do, you’ve come to the right place!

Traveling Around Thailand and Asia.

I’ve now added a travel page to my site that of course revolves around food but also gives you tips on transportation, hotels and day trips around Thailand, Vietnam and the rest of South-East Asia. My wife Helen and I have traveled extensively in Asia over the last six years, and I thought it was about time we shared these experiences with you!

You can now follow all my food adventures on my new YouTube channel as well as keeping up to date on my Facebook and Instagram pages.