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My Favourite Northern Thai Restaurant in Chiang Mai – Review of Khao Soi Samer Jai.

I’ve just spent five days eating my way through Chiang Mai again. The last two times I visited my favourite restaurant for Northern Thai food – Khao Soi Samer Jai, it had been closed for the holidays. This made a trip there this time an absolute must! Khao Soi Samer Jai is a largish restaurant, …

Eating in Bangkok Grill Recipes

Chiang Mai Sausage Kofte – Sai Ua – ไส้อั่ว……The Best Sausage You’ve Never Had!

Sai ua or Chiang Mai sausage could be the best sausage you’ve never had! I acquired my love (or obsession depending on how you look at it) with Thai food when I landed in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand for the first time back in 2009. I’d never heard of Chiang Mai before I booked my …