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Eating in Bangkok Lad Prao

Excellent Boat Noodles at Kuay Teow Ruea Trakhun – Ladprao 101

So, my friend Rosie had decided that she had to go to a place called the Rabbit Cafe, which as the name suggests, is a cafe full of rabbits. To say I wasn’t keen is an understatement, but eventually, I caved and found myself in a taxi, heading all the way out to Lad Prao, …

Eating in Bangkok Phaya Thai

Rua Thong Noodle – Boat Noodles At Victory Monument

If I had to pick the most eaten dish by the local residents of Bangkok, I’d have to go with boat noodles. For all of you that aren’t familiar with what boat noodles are, I’ll explain: Boat noodles or kuay teow reua as they’re known in Thailand are a noodle soup dish that contains both …