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Thai – Chinese Mutton Soup and Hainanese Noodles in Bangkok Thailand

For Chinese New Year today, I found some special Thai / Chinese Herbal Mutton Soup (Sup Pae) and Hainanese Noodles (kuay teow hailam / khanom jeen hai lam) at a shophouse restaurant called Hainanese Noodles – ขนมจีน ไหหลำ.

There’s a sign in English and Thai

As soon as I saw all the clay bubbling away on charcoal outside, I knew this was going to be good!

The owner is really friendly and speaks great English

I ordered the Herbal Mutton Soup (Sup Pae) and Kuay Teow Hailam in my best pigeon Thai but needn’t have bothered, as the owner speaks near on perfect English.

My feast!

The herbal mutton soup is packed full of the softest chunks of melt in your mouth mutton in a delicious Chinese spiced broth that is very unique. Don’t be put off by the sound of mutton, it’s just an older lamb!

Some serious chunks of meat!

The Hailam noodle soup has the most amazing sesame seed broth and is loaded with crispy, deep fried pork (moo Krob). The soup I ordered was a standard nam sai (clear soup) but the addition of the toasted, on the brink of being burnt, sesame seeds gave it such an interesting nutty flavour. The Hailam Noodles themselves differ from what you would usually find in a noodle soup in Bangkok. They are fresh, thick, spongy rice noodles, similar to what you get with Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue. For someone that orders noodle soup as much as I do, it’s nice to find a place that serves something a little bit different to what I’m used to.

The thick rice noodles
The crispy pork and sesame soup
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Hainanese Noodles is located on Thanon Mahannop (Mahannop Road), not far from the tourist attractions of Wat Pho, The Grand Palace and Wat Saket in Rattanakosin Island.

Here are directions to the restaurant and opening times:
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