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Siam’s Famous Beef Noodle Shop Gets a Makeover – Review of Jeib Rod Dee Det

Rot Dee Det, Siam square’s five-decade-old shophouse famous for its beef noodle soup and Thai chicken stews, has closed down after all these years (gasps). Fear not, though, they’ve just moved around the corner, stuck a ‘Jeib’ at the start of the name and given the place a makeover so you can still get a piping hot bowl of your favourite soup next time you’re in Bangkok’s prime shopping district!

The old Rot Dee Det shop was a no-frills, classic, old-school Thai eatery, the kind of place I eat in on a daily basis. With Jeib Rot Dee Det, they have gone with a more modern, industrial space, with everything kitted out in black.

The new sign.

There is still no aircon downstairs, but the shop is very open, and there are lots of fans, so I’ve never felt unusually hot in there.

The new interior

Jeib Rod Dee Det is the place for you in Siam if, like me, eating in overpriced shopping mall food courts fill you with dread!

I’ve been to Rod Dee Det five times now and have found the food there to be very consistent. On this particular day, I took friend of the blog, Mick from This Is Mick so we could sample a few different dishes.

We ordered four dishes:

Guay Teow Neua – Beef noodle soup – 50 baht.

The beef noodles are why I come to this place. We ordered two bowls, one with wide rice noodles (sen yai), and one with rice vermicelli (sen mee.) Personally, I prefer the wide rice noodles, they just have an amazingly soft, chewy texture and are my noodle of choice in and beef noodle soup in Thailand. The soup here is very salty but does have an intense, beefy flavour. Like with all noodle soups in Thailand, you have to tweak it with the condiments on the table to get the right balance of tastes for your palate. I find that a big dollop of the homemade chilli vinegar (prik nam som) and a spoon full of chilli flakes (prik bon) gives the noodles the right salty, sour, spicy combination. Mick added a little sugar to his soup to find the right mix, so just play around until you determine what’s right for you.

Meatwise, the soup comes with tender stewed beef, blanched fresh slices of beef and a beef meatball, the latter I can personally do without. The winner is undoubtedly the stewed, Chinese spiced beef (nuea pueay), it literally disintegrates your mouth. I could eat a whole bowl of the beef by itself!

Khao Na Gai – Chinese style chicken stew on rice – 50 baht.

The Chinese chicken stew here is very interesting to me as it reminds me of an Asian version of a stew we would get in the UK. It consists of tender pieces of chicken in a thickened soy sauce based sauce. The stew comes with fresh slices of green chilli on the side to give a little heat and freshness to the dish. I could imagine eating this while wrapped up in a duvet on a cold winter’s day in London!

Khao Stew Neua – Chinese style beef stew on rice – 50 baht.

The beef stew is darker than the chicken stew but has the same salty soy-based sauce. The difference is that it also has a lovely hint of Chinese five spice which complements the tender beef perfectly. I’d say that I prefer the chicken but at 50 baht a plate you can order both and make up your own minds!

Khao Moo Waan – Sweet pork on rice – 50 baht.

The khao moo waan was my least favourite dish out of the four dishes we ordered, it was far too sweet for my taste, but that’s because I don’t have a very sweet tooth. It’s not terrible by any means, it carries ample flavour with plenty of garlic, soy sauce, tender pork strips and it has a sweet and salty thing going on that some may find perfect for their Palate. But like I say, just a little on the sugary side for my taste.

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All in all, Jeib Rod Dee Det is a solid choice for authentic Thai food around Siam, which can be a little hard to come by in the world of shiny malls and dessert cafes that line the streets here. It’s not my absolute favourite beef noodle shop in Bangkok, that would have to go to Talat Phlu Ocha on Lat Ya, but It’s definitely making my top five!

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