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Pork Leg Stew in Bangkok – Review of Khao Kha Mu Bang Wa

Khao ka moo, or pork leg stew is my ultimate Thai comfort food. I eat it at least once a week if not more. Slow cooked pork leg, simmered in five spice infused broth for hours until it’s falling off the bone. Served on top of steamed Jasmine rice with boiled eggs, which take on the flavour of the  meaty stock……Seriously, I’m getting strong cravings while I’m writing this!


I’ve eaten khao ka moo all across Bangkok, but I’d never had the chance to get out to Khao Kha Moo Bang Wa as it’s a little out of the way. It’s located right at the end of the Silom BTS line. Last week I was in the Bang Wa area though and decided to hunt it down. I’m glad I did as this is a serious khao ka moo they are serving up!


Khao kha mu bang wa

This is the real deal!


The restaurant is pure old school Thai, with pictures and newspaper cuttings on the walls and stainless steel tables. I wasn’t here for the decor, though, I was here for the pork!

It came quickly after I ordered, and It certainly lived up to the hype.


Khao Kha Mu Bang Wa

Melt in the mouth pork and perfectly cooked rice.


The pork was melt in the mouth tender and had a lovely smokey flavour. The first thing I noticed though was how good the rice was. Seriously, I’d go as far as to say it was some of the best steamed rice I’ve had!

What sometimes lets a khao ka moo down is the stock that’s poured over the top. Too many times it lacks any depth of flavour. The broth here is packed with spice and is really well seasoned; salty but not overpowering.

No khao ka moo is complete without chilli vinegar, which is homemade here and really garlicky. It can make or break my pork leg experience so I was over the moon with this one!

If I had one complaint, it would be the boiled egg. It was really hard and rubbery. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and put that down to me turning up at closing time.


Khao Kha Mu simmering away

Tender, slow cooked pork simmering away all day!


The staff are really friendly, especially the man serving. He was really happy when I told him I live in Bangkok in my pigeon Thai!

All in all, I would definitely say a trip to Khao Kha Mu Bang Wa is worth the trip, especially if you live nearby or don’t mind a train journey. Just make sure you get here earlier than I did!



The friendly staff were more than happy to entertain my pidgeon Thai!

The friendly staff were more than happy to entertain my pigeon Thai!


Open every day 7 a.m – 4 p.m


Get the Silom line to Bang Wa and it’s a ten minute walk or a 40 baht motorcycle ride.