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Odeon Crab Wonton – Chinatown Bangkok

As the name suggests, this shophouse restaurant on Charoen Krung Road, in Bangkok’s Chinatown is famous for crab wonton soup with egg noodles and roast pork, or Bamee Kiow Moo Daeng Pu as it’s known locally.

Egg noodles with wontons and barbecue pork is probably among the five most eaten dishes in Thailand. You can literally find it on every street corner in Bangkok. Think of it as a Thai version of a sandwich in England, it comes in the varying degrees of quality but it’s something that’s never going to majorly let you down. You always know what you’re getting!

The standard bowl before any additions.

So what makes the egg noodle soup so good at Odeon Wonton Noodle? It all comes down to the quality of the individual ingredients used here. The egg noodles are handmade giving them a firmer more al dente texture that the average bamee shop. The prawn wontons are made fresh by hand everyday. The roast barbecue pork is deliciously smokey and sweet. The the fresh claws come in varying sizes, starting at 150 parts for a small claw all the way up to 550 but for a giant one. If you’re on a budget you can go for the standard bowl, with a little bit of flakey crab meat, wontons and bbq pork for 65 baht. The star of the show for me, however, has to be the soup broth. There’s no stock powder used here, just a crab shells and pork bones simmered down hours and hours, to create the saltiest, richest most flavourful soup I’ve had in any version of this dish, anywhere in Thailand.

I always have to add chilli flakes and chilli vinegar!

Other dishes not to be missed at Odean are the deep fried prawn wontons (keow Tod), which are stuffed with chunks of deliciously sweet, fresh prawn meat and the freshly made Sui Mai, which are on the menu as prawn dim sum and seaweed dim sum respectively.

The shop itself is old school, a classic Chinatown shophouse restaurant with the added bonus of being air-conditioned. Odeon is definitely not a secret among locals, in fact, it’s pretty famous. this is evident in the amount newspaper articles, reviews and photos of their various TV appearances that line the restaurant walls. Odeon has, however, managed to miraculously stay well off of the tourist radar so far.

The humble shophouse.
Wall to wall pictures!

The restaurant is walkable from Si Praya, Marine Department or Ratchawonse piers. If you are coming from the city, you can take the MRT (metro) to Hua Lumphong and it’s a 10-minute walk from there.

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Below is a map to the restaurant with directions and opening times.

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