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My New Favourite Place For Satay In Bangok – Review of Kay Pork Satay Charoen Rat


My go to place for satay in Bangkok is usually Pratunam Kuang Heng Chicken Rice as I get dragged to Central world on a regular basis when my girlfriend wants to shop (which is a lot!). I go there not for the chicken rice as the name would suggest but for their awesome pork satay which until yesterday, I didn’t think could be beaten.


Enter Kay Pork Satay on Charoen Rat Road near Wongwian Yai market…………



Kay Pork Stay Front



I walk past this place every other day when I’m getting my veg from the market but for some reason, I’ve never stopped to eat here. That all changed yesterday as a friend of mine, that’s moved in just around the corner from the stall and has been eating there on a daily basis insisted I try it.

I’m glad he did because it was so, so good! We shared 20 pieces of the juiciest, most perfectly charcoal cooked pieces of tender pork for 100 baht (yes £2 or $3!!). Served of course with peanut satay sauce and pickled cucumber salad (ajad/ajat).



Juicy, tender skewers at Kay Satay

Juicy, tender skewers at Kay Satay


The skewers are really flavoursome by themselves. A hint of turmeric and curry spices, quickly flash cooked over hot coals right in front of you. They were quite lean as well with no big lumps of chewy, undercooked fat that I’ve found in other satay places in the city.


The sauce wasn't overly sweet

The sauce wasn’t too sweet.


One thing I can’t handle is a really sweet sauce. The Satay sauce at Kay satay is sweet, but not overly sweet. There was  a good hit of red curry paste in the sauce and a good amount of roasted peanuts. It was a little on the oily side but I can deal with that when it tastes this good!


Pickled cucumber salad - ajad at Kay Satay

Pickled cucumber salad – ajad at Kay Satay


The final piece to any decent satay is the ajad – pickled cucumber salad with shallots and fresh chilli and here it was no disappointment. The sharp vinegar dressing is added just before serving to keep the cucumber crisp. The fresh spicy, acidic salad was the perfect accompaniment for the rich, sweet satay sauce.


If you’re really hungry you can even get a bag of bread to mop up the sauce. I stopped short of that as I’m not a fan of sweet Thai bread but don’t let me put you off, they obviously sell a lot judging by the amount of bags they had prepared…….


Sweet bread anyone?

Sweet bread anyone?


There’s not much English spoken here but it’s very much service with a smile. You can get by if you just say “twenty” or “thirty” or however many you think you can manage……..



Service with a smile.

Service with a smile.


If you’d like to make your own authentic pork satay then click for the recipe.


To get to Kay Pork Satay you can take the BTS to Wongwian Yai and take the lift nearest to exit 3. Directly in front of you will be Soi Krung Thon Buri 1 which turns into Soi Charoen Rat 4 half way down. At the intersection with Charoen Rat Road turn left then cross the road. Kay Pork Satay is outside the 7-11. There are no signs in English but you can’t really miss it.


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