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Fantastic Khao Kha Moo at Krungthonburi – Kha Moo Jae Yai

Khao kha moo – Thai pork leg stew on rice is one of my all time favourite Thai comfort dishes. I’d say it’s one of Thailand’s most eaten and well loved meals, in fact, you’d be hard pushed to find a street in Bangkok that doesn’t boast a shop or stall selling pork leg stew. With so many shops selling the same thing, I have to really enjoy a particular version to spend my time writing about it and that is definitely the case when I visit Kha Moo Jae Yai.


So what makes this stall so good?


Khao Moo Jae Yai has been serving hungry office workers at the ThaSri Building for the last six years. The owners tell me their mother has cooked the same recipe for 40 years! The pork stew is very well spiced here, slightly sweet and served with my favourite runny eggs, khai ma toom. Khao kha moo usually comes with hard boiled eggs which can be extremely overdone to the point of being chalky inside. When the runny yolk mixes with the pork broth here, it’s a thing of beauty. The pork is also fantastic at Jae Yai; perfectly tender without having the stringy texture that plagues a lot of pork leg stews in Bangkok.


That perfect, oozy egg yolk!


Another plus point is the homemade prik nam som (chilli vinegar) which is the perfect balance of spicy and sour making it ideal to cut through the richness of the pork broth.


The price nam som here is perfect.


They also sell some excellent moo tod (fried battered pork) so you can get a mix of fried and stewed pork in the same bowl. You can also pick up some very good southern Thai curries here like their excellent Penang and Gaeng Som curries, again made from recipes passed down from the owner’s southern Thai mother.


The gang som is bagged and ready to go.


It’s also very cheap, the khao kha moo will set you back 50 baht (£1.15/$1.60) with an egg. The moo tod is the same price and the curries start at 45 baht (£1/$1.45).


What are the negatives?


The only downside to Jae Yai is that they aren’t open weekends. Also, there’s nowhere to sit so unless, like me, you don’t mind sitting on the steps outside 7-11 while you eat, you might find this a problem. Neither of these are a problem for me whatsoever as I live nearby so can visit midweek and I eat so quickly that I don’t really need a seat! If these are things that would put you off, you can check out our 5 great places for khao kha moo post for some alternative spots to get your khao kha moo fix around Bangkok.



Khao Moo Jae Yai is located directly outside Krungthonburi BTS Station exit 2. They are open from 9 a.m – 7 p.m Monday to Friday.



Here’s a map with directions to Jae Yai: