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Cooking with The Best in Chiang Mai

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I decided to make the trip up to Chiang Mai this week with my friend Craig who’d been visiting us in Bangkok. He’s been up there a while and knows a lot of people so I thought I’d see if he could get me in with anyone cooking up there.

Imagine my delight when he rings me saying, “I’ve spoken to my friend Tikky and she says you can come in and watch her work”. Now I’ve heard of Tikky’s Cafe a lot but I’ve never been there so I decided to check out the reviews….
Five stars, five stars, five stars, five stars! In fact, out of sixty odd reviews I found, there wasn’t one bad one or one that hadn’t given five out of five. Now I’m excited!

We got to the restaurant at around one in the afternoon and the place was packed! Tikky was all smiles as she asked us to write down what we wanted from the menu on the little bits of paper provided at the table.


Plenty of space to chill out here!
Plenty of space to chill out here!


After a few minutes, I got the shout to come to the kitchen. Tikky must have had ten of the bits of the paper from the tables with various orders on each one and only two gas stoves to cook them on!

A problem? No! Tikky bashed out order after order with skill, precision and an obvious love for what she was serving. On top of this, she was explaining what she was doing to me the whole time.


tikky 2 pans
Doing everything on two stoves!
Tikky doing her thing
Tikky doing her thing


I tried every dish that was being cooked and it was all amazing. Tikky has her own distinct brand of Thai food which is unlike anything I’ve had before. She leaves out fish sauce in favour of soy and oyster sauce in most dishes making all her food very foreigner friendly. That’s not to say there wasn’t plenty of locals enjoying the food!

Tikky told me she wanted to do everything herself but as the place had got so busy she has now employed two full time staff. She learned to cook from her boss when she was younger and is now passing on that knowledge to the girls who are helping out. If they turn out to half as good as their boss, they’ll be very successful I’m sure!

It’s not all about the food here, though, Tikky makes some of the best fruit shakes in Chiang Mai. You could spend hours here just chilling out on the comfy Thai mattresses eating and drinking the day away, we certainly did. If you want real Thai hospitality and you want to find out why they call Thailand the land of smiles then this is your place!

I had so many different dishes, it’s hard to pick a favourite. The Panang curry was excellent, the Chicken and Cashew was unbelievable as was the Pad Krapao.



The Thai Omlette was spot on
The Thai Omelette was spot on


chicken cashew
Chicken and Cashew…..Looks like mine!
Pad Kaprao
Pad Kaprao with Wild Rice



My favourite though had to be the Stir fried Pumpkin (squash) with Thai Basil and Pork, it was so good! I’ve made my own version so click the link and have a go at making it yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

A massive thanks you to Tikky and her team for making this a very memorable stop in Chiang Mai.



me and Tikky
Me and Tikky…..She’s always smiling!






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