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Toasted Rice Powder – Khao Khua (ข้าวคั่ว)

Toasted rice powder is an indispensable ingredient in many Thai dishes and dips. It gives a lovely smokey, nutty flavour as well as adding crunch and texture. It’s very important to always use Thai glutinous rice or sticky rice as its better known. It’s so easy to make yourself, you just need a pan and …

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Pad Kaprao Gai (sort of) – Stir Fried Chicken with Holy Basil

One of my favourite dishes, Pad Krapao has minimal ingredients so it’s perfect for your midweek Thai fix! The only problem for anyone outside Thailand is getting hold of the main ingredient! I’ll explain; Pad means stir fry, Kaprow means Holy Basil and Gai means chicken so this dish should literally be stir fried chicken …

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Satay Moo – Pork Satay (or chicken, or beef)

Everyone’s favourite Malaysian import, the humble Satay. Now, when I think of Satay from back in England, I think of dry as a bone, shrivelled up chicken on a stick smothered in sweet peanut butter! Thankfully, this version couldn’t be further from some of the cooked from frozen monstrosities I’ve been served back home. Take …