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Bangkok Old City China Town Eating in Bangkok Rattanakosin

Thai – Chinese Mutton Soup and Hainanese Noodles in Bangkok Thailand

For Chinese New Year today, I found some special Thai / Chinese Herbal Mutton Soup (Sup Pae) and Hainanese Noodles (kuay teow hailam / khanom jeen hai lam) at a shophouse restaurant called Hainanese Noodles – ขนมจีน ไหหลำ. As soon as I saw all the clay bubbling away on charcoal outside, I knew this was …

Bangkok Old City Eating in Bangkok khao soi Thonburi Wongwian Yai

CURRY NOODLES and Northern Thai Food at Khao Soi Mae Sariang Bangkok

Khao Soi Mae Sariang at Wongwian Yai (ข้าวซอยแม่สะเรียง @วงเวียนใหญ่) serves up some fantastic khao soi and other Northern Thai dishes, which can be a rarity in Bangkok. This little shophouse restaurant is a welcome addition to the already amazing local food scene around the Wongwian Yai / Lat Ya Road area, which is around the …

Bangkok Old City Bangkok Temples Cafes wat pho

Escaping the Heat of Bangkok’s Old City Temples at Elefin Coffee

If you are looking for some respite from the scorching Bangkok heat after wandering around famous temples, Wat Arun and Wat Pho, look no further than Elefin Coffee on Maha Rat Road. Located directly opposite The Temple of The Reclining Buddha, Elefin is the perfect spot to grab yourself some aircon and recharge the batteries …