Cafes Eating in Bangkok Nakhon Pathom Over The River

Amazing Floating River Cafe 45 Minutes From Bangkok Thailand – RIVA Cafe Nakhon Pathom

Had a stressful week? Can’t face the weekend crowds of Chatuchak Weekend Market or another crowded Sky Train to the shopping malls? Try heading out to Nakhon Pathom for a relaxing day by the river, or should that be RIVA, that will have you feeling like you’re on a mini break.

The Riva Floating Cafe is located just outside Bangkok in the western province of Nakhon Pathom. Although not technically in Bangkok, the cafe is actually closer to our apartment on Charoen Nakhon than Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport! It took us half an hour and cost 315 THB (£7.40 / $9.70) so expect to pay slightly more if you’re coming from the CBD.

For a peaceful, relaxing setting, Riva cafe hard to beat. It’s situated directly over the Tha Chin River where you can sit out and watch the locals going about their daily business on the river, while you sip on your well crafted latte made with beans from Northern Thailand.

As close to the river as you can get!
Wonderful views across the river.

If sitting outside and sweating isn’t your thing, you can take advantage of the air-conditioned inside area, where there are plenty of tempting sweets and cakes on offer.

Escaping the midday sun.

We perched ourselves as close to the river as possible and ordered two lattes and some snacks to keep us going:

The Coffee:

Sourced from Northern Thailand, the coffee is delicious and each cup is made with care. They come with a homemade chocolate chip cookie which is a nice touch. For a coffee of this quality in my hometown of London, you would expect to pay at least double the 80 THB (£1.90 / $2.45) you’ll pay at RIVA.

We’re not going to turn down a free cookie!
That’s a view!

Pad Kee Mao Spaghetti Talay – Spicy seafood stir fry with spaghetti.

This is a dish I used to shy away from because I felt for some reason it wasn’t ‘authentic’ enough with the spaghetti. Now it’s my go-to dish in Thai cafes as they rarely tend to mess it up. My safe dish if you will!

The version at Riva was very good. Spicy, peppery and packed full of well-cooked seafood. Highly recommended for the 150 THB (£3.50 / $4.60) price tag.

The Pad Kee Mao Spaghetti.
Packed full of seafood.

Chocolate Fudge Slice.

If you’re having coffee, you’ve got to have cake, right? Well, Helen definitely does so who am I to argue? There’s plenty on offer at Riva and it was a bit of a struggle choosing the right one to order. We ended up going with on the chocolate fudge slice from the Nava Tea Terrace opposite the Riva Cafe (you can order from both and eat in either) and it didn’t disappoint. Decadently rich and moreish, with a soft sponge. The perfect accompaniment to our frothy lattes. 95 THB (£2.20 / $2.90)

The soft, sweet chocolate fudge slice
Just as close to the river!

The Riva Floating Cafe is a fantastic place to spend a few hours relaxing in a beautiful setting without breaking the bank.  You almost get a sense of being on holiday when you’re perched by the river, in fact, there is a boutique hotel on site that’s worth checking out called Parn Dhevi Riverside Resort & Spa if you want to spend the night here. You won’t find many better spots to have your morning coffee!

The boutique Hotel on site.

If you have time, make sure you check out the video below of our day out at RIVA Cafe. If you like the video, please subscribe like and share. Your support means a lot!

Here’s a map with directions to the cafe:

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