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The Ultimate Crispy Pork in Bangkok at Mr Joe

Is there anything better than crispy, deep fried pork belly? I’m not so sure! Moo krob as it’s known in Thailand is sold all across Bangkok, but I keep hearing about the so called ‘crispiest pork in Bangkok, ‘ and I thought it was about time I went and checked it out for myself.

Mr. Joe Crispy Pork is located on Chan Road, just off Charoen Krung Road in Sathorn. I walked from Saphan Taksin BTS Station. It’s a solid 20 minute stroll to the restaurant which I don’t mind as I like the area; it reminds me of a quieter China Town. There are a couple of lovely temples to check out on the way if you want to break up the journey. In particular, Wat Yannawa rivals any temple in town, without having to put up with the crowds.

It was already pretty busy by the time I got there at 10 A.M, and the staff were working away with some serious teamwork to get the orders done. There were clearly a lot of takeaway requests to get through as more bags were being prepared than there were people in the restaurant.


That’s some serious teamwork!


One of the friendly waitresses seated me and handed me a menu with English translations. The first thing that I noticed was the other dish Mr. Joe is famous for – Guay Jub. It’s a peppery, dark noodle soup of Chinese origins with pork entrails, offal, and crispy pork. Now, I’m not a massive fan of offal and entrails; I’ll eat them, but I’d rather have chunks of stewed meat if I can. I was pleased to see that they had this option on the menu already, with the English translation next to it. Maybe I could even get my Fiancé to try a bowl!



Even if you’re squeamish and you don’t speak Thai, you can have a bowl!



So on to the soup itself – I’d read on Mark Wiens excellent blog that the soup broth wasn’t all that peppery. It was perfect for me, though; not overly salty from the soy sauce, a gentle heat from the pepper (obviously I added my own dried chilly) and loads of stewed and crispy pork. The rice noodles are rolled into thin cylinder shape reminiscent of pasta al ceppo but made with rice flour, and the soup comes packed with them!


A big bowl of peppery goodness!


The stewed pork was tender and flavoursome, but the star of the show was the crispy pork. Even after sitting in the soup broth it was still crispy! I finished the bowl satisfied, but I couldn’t resist ordering a portion of the crispy pork belly with sweet soy sauce.


It definitely lived up to it’s ‘crispiest pork in Bangkok’ tag!


The moo krob was even better eaten by itself – Crunchy, crispy, fatty skin giving way to soft, melt in the mouth pork meat. This pork is going to take some beating! I thought the pork was seasoned well enough that it didn’t need the dark soy sauce for dipping. I’ll let you make up your own minds.

Each dish cost 60 baht a piece, yes that is £1.50 each!

You can also get dim sum at Mr. Joe but to be honest, it looked pretty standard, so if you want my advice you should head round the corner to Tuang Dim Sum on Charoen Krung for your dim sum fix as it’s my personal favourite in town.


Mr. Joe is open every day from 8 AM to 4 PM and gets extremely busy on weekends.


Here are the directions for Mr. Joe Crispy Pork: